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Meet the Board: Mary Rapps

This week’s Board Spotlight is Mary Rapps!


Name: Mary Rapps

Occupation: Executive Director, Generations Health Care Initiatives in Duluth, MN

How long have you been on the board for MNCHWA?

I have served on the board for over 3 ½ years. I started in November 2017.

What do you enjoy about being on the board?

I resonate with the vision of the MNCHWA: Equitable and optimal health outcomes for all communities. It is rewarding to work alongside other committed board members from around the state that share that vision and bring unique and varied perspectives.

What are your hopes for the Alliance or CHW field in the next few years?

I am encouraged by the growing recognition of the health impacts of Social Determinants of Health and the structural determinants of health inequities like poverty and structural racism. It’s time for us to work together across sectors to address these deep rooted issues and make sustainable change.

Why do you believe CHWs are integral to health equity?

CHWs are uniquely positioned to bridge gaps between communities experiencing inequities and our health and social service organizations. They not only are effective in connecting clients to resources, services and health education, but also serve as a key informant to our health and social service providers and policy makers. They can provide valuable insight around the community conditions that have a significant influence on health.


Thank you Mary for your dedication and commitment to equity for all in healthcare! 

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