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Community Health Worker Training Program

The Community Health Worker Training Program (CHWTP) is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and awarded to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in partnership with the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance (MNCHWA), the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and accredited institutions who offer the Community Health Worker (CHW) Certificate. The aim of the CHWTP is to strengthen and diversify the CHW workforce. 

The CHWTP is doing the following toward this aim:  

Scholarship Program

Provides financial support for students pursuing a CHW certificate at an accredited institution.

Apprenticeship Program

Registered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, which will continue past the grant period. 

Online Training

Strengthening the public health workforce by developing new or improving existing online training to increase the skills and competencies of CHWs. This will include online training free and accessible to CHWs. Please visit the MDH Learning Center to register and see current CHW Training Modules

MNCHWA has staff members available to support and guide CHWs through each stage of the CHWTP processes, training eligibility, application, enrollment, and student training. 

About the Staff