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About the Alliance

The Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance (MNCHWA) is a statewide nonprofit partnership committed to advancing health equity.

Vision, Mission & Focus


Build community and systems capacity for better health through the integration of community health worker (CHW) strategies.


Equitable and optimal health outcomes for all communities.


We work with our partners to reduce health disparities, achieve the Quadruple Aim and foster healthier communities.

The Quadruple Aim: Improving Population Health; Reducing Cost of Care; Enhancing the Patient Experience; Improving Provider Satisfaction.

“Providers appreciate what we do because we can follow up on a lot of things, such as referrals to other community services and make sure patients receive the care and/or information they need, which ultimately contributes to the work done by our care team in helping patients to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In a short visit, it’s impossible for the physician to take care of everything; we need a care team to assure that our patients receive the highest level of care”.

– CHW Mariela Adremagni-Tollin, Hennepin County Medical Center East Lake Clinic, Minneapolis

In order to reach these goals, we serve as a convener, catalyst, expert and resource to advance and integrate community health worker strategies. CHW approaches are an integral part of the solution to the challenges facing our communities and our health care, public health, and social services systems.

We build awareness, promote education, partner to integrate and expand access to CHW models, share research, and take action for greater impact. We provide information, networking, consulting, and technical assistance services.