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Meet our Summer Intern!

Cameron Bright
Our public policy committee welcomes Cameron Bright to the Alliance this summer.

After graduating from the University of California-Berkeley with a B.A. in psychology, Cameron Bright worked in forensic psychology, counseling individuals charged with a crime but found incompetent to stand trial. “I saw the disparities that exist within the criminal justice system,” Cameron says. “It got me interested in public health.” Cameron is pursuing his master’s at the U of M’s School of Public Health with a focus on Community Health Promotion.

Cameron’s work with the Alliance will include a literature review of other states’ models of CHW certification, facilitating a focus group of CHWs, and identifying model practices for CHW certification. Cameron notes the correlation between his master’s work and the role of CHWs. “CHWs are an important resource for a lot of organizations,” he says. “They have a real impact on public health and reducing health disparities. I think looking at mass incarceration through a public health lens will be beneficial in the public policy work I want to do.”

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