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Education Committee Update

The Education Committee is continuing their work on researching best practices in teaching, updating curriculum, and working with stakeholders. It may seem like it is taking a long time to update the curriculum, but in reality, the process that the Education Committee put in place has made the work move faster and collaboratively.  The certificate will be offered as a 16 academic credit program at all the schools that offer the CHW certificate.  Federal Financial Aid requires programs to be at least 16 academic credits for students to receive funding.  This provides all students an opportunity to access funds to earn college credits and a certificate.  Curriculum updates include a change in focus on topics that stakeholders identified, Social Determinants highlighted more and embedded throughout the curriculum, and course objectives/outcomes streamlined, which resulted in combined classes.  Pathway tracks for content specialties are being identified, but not offered at this time.

Updated Curriculum will be offered by schools starting Fall 2021.  Schools are only able to offer the CHW program if they have sufficient enrollment when they start a program.  Programs need you to help us recruit CHW’s. If you have someone who is interested (friend, co-worker, nursing assistant, dental assistant, front clerk, or other interested employees) please look on the CHW Alliance website for the school nearest you.


This wraps up our series of updates on the various Alliance Committees! Check back next week for a special post on Alliance history and as we start a new series you won’t want to miss on opportunities with the Allaince! 

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