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CHW Spotlight: Vonyee Howard

Vonyee Howard, headshot

Vonyee’s extensive background and experience in healthcare and human services have allowed her to evolve and foster her reputation as an “expert CHW” in Minnesota.

Vonyee’s Community Health Worker (CHW) career includes an array of work experiences, competencies, and skills acquired both in the past, as well as along the way. Retaining and honoring the importance of these collectives has proven to be complimentary to Vonyee’s individual style of work as a CHW. Within the profession, Vonyee is known for her work with Older Adults as well as with adults diagnosed with chronic health conditions. During her tenure as a CHW, Vonyee has developed programs, implemented and modeled the standards of the CHW role, trained CHWs and organizations where CHWs are employed, and more. 

Vonyee authored the Healthy Aging module of revised Minnesota CHW Certificate Curriculum. 

Currently, Vonyee is an Independent CHW Consultant and Contractor, and is the HRSA Grant Field Experience/Apprenticeship Coordinator at the MN CHW Alliance. She is also a Doula.

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