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UCare Gift to Advance Health Access and Equity

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share some wonderful news: UCare has provided the Alliance with a generous gift of $50,000 to advance health access and equity through CHW strategies!

In addition, UCare has supported the work of the Alliance for many years through board leadership. A number of years ago, a UCare executive served on our founding board. Currently, Ms. Jeri Peters, Vice-President of Clinical Services and Behavioral Health, serves on the Alliance board providing guidance and leadership and contributing to sound governance; essential in every well-run nonprofit organization.  

We are thrilled with the strategic investment by UCare that allows the Alliance to move ahead with several important priorities during 2019 including:  

Updating the standardized curriculum

We will convene a multi-disciplinary work group (faculty members, CHWs and community stakeholders) to comprehensively update the current curriculum framework with the latest resources and content.

Creation of a state-wide CHW registry

There are approximately 700 individuals who have completed the 14-credit program and are CHW certificate holders. Having a registry of certificate holders enables us to:

  • Survey CHWs and their employers as to future education and training needs;
  • Help with recruitment and retention in various regions in the state; and
  • More effectively promote and engage in public policy related to health equity.

Advance and promote CHWs as important public health resources

In the next few weeks, the Alliance will be actively advancing the field through:

  • Serving on the March 22 panel at the MPHA “Public Health Matters” Policy Forum at the New Brighton Community Center. The panel will discuss training and mentoring the next generation of community health professionals including community health workers. 
  • Sending our Community Engagement Specialist to the National CHW Conference in April: Unity 2019: “Community Health Workers – Unlocking the Door to Healthier Communities” which is also the launch of the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW); and
  • Continuing the work of the Healthy Communities Task Force serving as a data repository and co-convener with CHW Solutions.

As a statewide leader and voice of CHWs, the Alliance relies on each of you to promote, participate, and financially support the important work of the Alliance ensuring improved health outcomes for all. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you and Happy Spring!!!  

Renae Oswald-Anderson, MPNA

Interim Executive Director

MN Community Health Worker Alliance


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