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Opportunities for CHWs with the Alliance

Many CHWs have asked about professional development opportunities. We have many with the Alliance for CHWs and others willing to volunteer. They make great additions to your resume and may even point your career in a specific direction. All of them provide creative and leadership opportunities and great experience. Here are some of the opportunities:

  • The Registry Committee is a place to learn about, support and promote the Minnesota CHW Registry and gain leading edge experience. The Minnesota Registry is one of a very few in the country.
  • A related Registry Communications Committee needs members to continue to reach people about the registry. Learn about communications, create short videos, present on the registry, and more. Be part of moving the CHW field forward.
  • The Alliance could benefit from a fundraising committee. If someone would like experience in this area, here is a great opportunity to lead a committee and work with others. 
  • The Legislative Committee will need people to help with planning, organizing, reaching out to legislators and testifying before legislative committees about policies related to health equity. For CHWS considering going into elected office someday, (and I hope that is many of you!) this is great experience.
  • The Education committee works with CHW faculty at the schools offering the CHW Certificate Program to constantly update it. CHW perspectives are valued in this process. 
  • We sometimes need a CHW to assist in facilitating a presentation or group, give a CHW perspective, serve on panels, plan the conference and more. We don’t always know when these requests are coming up and we’ll contact you when they do.

So you see, there is much here that can help you build skills and gain experience while working with colleagues. Much of our work is done through zoom so you can do it wherever you are. If one of these interests you, please let me know at .


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