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Minnesota CHW Alliance’s Statement on Racial Justice

The Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance is committed to equity across all aspects of society. While the primary focus of our work is to ensure health equity for all we believe to realize this goal it is imperative that issues of racial justice be addressed.

The past year has been full of tension. Many anxiously awaited the outcome of the trial for the officer who murdered George Floyd in May of 2020. As the monumental guilty verdict was read, we along with so many others, were filled with hope that this verdict signaled the beginning of holding officers and others in positions of authority, accountable. An important chapter has been written for racial justice across Minnesota, but the story cannot end here. We acknowledge the pain and suffering experienced by those in our organization, especially the Community Health Workers (CHWs) that represent populations of color and we are committed to being strong allies. The Alliance pledges to pursue justice and dynamic growth for populations harmed by police brutality as well as other racist and unjust systems.

The Alliance remains relentlessly dedicated to pursuing racial justice, equity, and inclusion, and we stand ready to support the leaders and organizations in our community that are committed to those advancing these goals.

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