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Meet the Board: Laura Guzman-Corrales, Vice Chair

The next board member spotlight is Laura Guzman-Corrales, Vice Chair!

Name: Laura Guzman-Corrales

Occupation: Preschool Development Grant Lead at Minnesota Department of Health

How long have you been on the board for MNCHWA?

3 1/2 years!

What do you enjoy about being on the board?

I enjoy advocating for the CHW profession and finding ways to elevate the role in as many sectors as possible. I also really enjoy meeting and learning from CHWs.

Why do you believe CHWs are integral to health equity?

CHWs are the only professionals in our people-serving systems whose primary role is to act as the bridge between the service provider and the community. Their role is to understand the social needs of individuals and families and ensure those needs are met in a person-centered, culturally relevant way. In ideal situations, they also have shared lived experiences and backgrounds with the communities they serve which makes them better equipped to understand the challenges, assets, and aspirations communities have.

What are your hopes for the Alliance or CHW field in the next few years? 

I hope for greater deployment of CHWs across our people serving systems, more sustainable reimbursement models for CHWs in all settings, and continued professionalization of the field without closing the doors to individuals who have what it takes to be great CHWs. 


Thank you Laura for your compassion and desire to grow CHWs to be more! 

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