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CHW Spotlight: Maria Guerrero

Maria Guerrero, Headshot

Maria Guerrero worked at Open Door Health Center (ODHC) as a Bilingual Latino Patient Case Manager and took the CHW classes in Mankato. With that position at ODHC, she was already doing community work as a CHW and did not know at the time. She finished her certificate at a later date. She helps her clients navigate the system, from medical county assistance, housing, SNAP, WIC program, dental clinics, energy assistance, going back to school, backpack program, COVID-19 vaccinations outreach events, mental health sessions, Living Life To The Fullness, seeking Legal assistance from custody, divorce, Immigration issues, Visa, Residency.   

Maria started doing interpretation for her Mother when she was 11 -12 years old back in Texas. When she was 18, she moved to Minnesota and saw the need to learn English to help her parents navigate the system. That is how she became involved in CHW work. Maria noticed she was good at helping the people in the areas they needed the most, from medical, community, navigating systems, and relearning how all are connected. The system keeps changing, but the need is still out there for those underserved, uninsured at the end of the day. She is very interested in programs that have to do with Mental Health. She’s being trained in Living Life To The Fullness in  English and Spanish. Lastly, she would like to continue providing these services for those in need. 

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