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Penn Center/IMPaCT Care Inc. Resources

Published research from IMPaCT Care Inc. As a CHW national center of excellence, we pioneered the concept of evidenced-based programs through leading-edge research, and are always conducting new, innovative studies on effective best practices. Our first randomized control trial, published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014, focused on triple-aim improvements of our IMPaCT program for hospitalized patients. In August of 2017, our second RCT, published in AJPH, showed improvements in hospital admissions, chronic disease control, and mental health for patients with chronic health conditions. Our third multi-site RCT, published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2018 demonstrated improved health, quality and reduced hospital days across multiple outpatient sites. In 2019 we published a seminal cost-effectiveness paper in Health Affairs demonstrating that IMPaCT returns an annual $2.47 for every dollar invested by Medicaid. The details of these studies, and other results, may be found in this section.

Published Research

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