• Keeping kids healthy

    Keeping kids healthy

    CHWs are a proven part of the solution.

  • Increasing patient compliance

    Increasing patient compliance

    CHWs help cut readmissions and lower costs.

  • Delivering effective messages

    Delivering effective messages

    CHWs understand patients' language and culture

  • Controlling employers' costs

    Controlling employers' costs

    CHWs promote healthy choices and improve workers' health.

  • Building heathy communities

    Building heathy communities

    CHWs empower people by making them active partners in health decisions.

  • Developing relationships

    Developing relationships

    CHWs have the time and skills to help clients build healthy habits.

We’re a nonprofit organization committed to healthier communities for all.

We serve as a convener, catalyst, expert and resource on integrating community health worker strategies.

Our goal is better health and better care at lower cost.