• Keeping kids healthy

    Keeping kids healthy

  • Increasing patient compliance

    Increasing patient compliance

  • Delivering effective messages

    Delivering effective messages

  • Controlling healthcare costs

    Controlling healthcare costs

  • Building heathy communities

    Building heathy communities

  • Developing relationships

    Developing relationships


We are a nonprofit organization committed to healthier communities for all.

We serve as a convener, catalyst, expert, and resource on integrating community health worker strategies.

Our goal is better health and better care at lower cost.

New Issue Brief from the Alliance!

The Minnesota CHW Alliance developed this issue brief as part of our dissemination plan for qualitative research conducted in partnership with the University of Minnesota Medical School on The Health Care Home in Supporting Chronic Disease Management: Understanding team member roles and the integration of community health workers. The issue brief contains an overview of the health reform landscape pertaining to primary care and to CHWs, key findings from our study, and next steps for incorporating and strengthening team-based CHW models in primary care transformation such as that required for health care home certification.

Click here to read and download the Issue Brief.