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Whether you are a busy clinician who wants to learn more about CHW strategies to help your patients and team, a public health student who is researching the CHW field, a community member who’d like to explore the CHW role as way to empower others, or a policymaker who wants to know how CHWs can help local constituents navigate complicated coverage and care systems, the following list of recent tools, articles and reports is intended to serve as a helpful digest.

Let us know if you have found a resource you would like us to include and check back for updates and topical collections.

The Latest Resources

February CHW Circle Meeting

Click HERE for the most recent CHW Circle Meeting Recording.

Click HERE for a link on HUB implementation. 

Presentation on the MN CHW Alliance Registry

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Working Virtually with Clients

A Presentation by Wendy Potratz, CHW Faculty at Northwest Technical College, at the CHW Leadership Program

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Public Charge Rule

Advocacy for Your Profession

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Breastfeeding Basics Webinar: Part 1 of 3

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Breastfeeding Basics Webinar: Part 2 of 3

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Breastfeeding Basics Webinar: Part 3 of 3

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CHW Supervisor’s Roundtable, July 23, 2020

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Free LIVE Webinar Series: Health Disparities – Community Health Workers’ Resources

Learn more about health disparities and community health workers with the American Diabetes Association’s webinar series! Register for 1, 2, or all 3 for free education and CME/CE. First webinar on December 11.

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Multi Cultural Perspectives in Cancer Outreach: American Indian Perspectives, March 20, 2019

This webinar was presented by the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance. In this webinar, Joy Rivera of the American Indian Cancer Foundation brings attention to multi-cultural perspectives including American Indian cancer burdens and solutions, strategies and best practices for CHWs and resources to educate others about Cancer. CHWs play an essential role in educating community members about cancer.

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The Juniper System: Preventing Falls & Managing Chronic Conditions

Juniper delivers programs to help adults manage chronic health conditions through a network of local leaders, community organizations and health systems. Georgia Lane discusses the Juniper system across Minnesota, the classes offered and how Community Health Workers can be involved with Juniper.

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Using Data & Analytics to Measure Results


  • Peter Carlson, North Memorial
  • Patrick Malone, North Memorial

Peter Carlson, a Program Director with NorthRising and Patrick Malone, a Health Economist from North Memorial, will share their experience and strategies for using data and analytics to measure and communicate results.

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Trauma 101: A Conceptual Framework for Community Health Workers


  • Dr. Antony Stately, Native American Community Clinic
  • Kimberly Fowler, National Council on Urban Indian Health
  • Sam Simmons, Simmons Consulting
  • Hawa Jama, Community Health Worker, Health Partners

Community Health Workers often work with people and communities impacted by trauma.  What is trauma? Why is it important for Community Health Workers and their supervisors to learn about and recognize trauma? What are the impacts of historic, political and community trauma? How does trauma impact specific communities CHWs serve? These and your additional questions will be addressed in this webinar.

This webinar is one of three webinars on trauma impacts and CHWs.

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This is What Trauma Looks Like: The Scientific and Biological Nature of Trauma


  • Reesma Menakem, Justice Leadership Solutions
  • Sr. Sara Langworthy, Developlay, LLC
  • Marie Tran, CHW at MN Dept. of Health

Trauma overwhelms a person and impacts function and learning. It is connected to all the chronic illnesses CHWs see their clients. This webinar addresses trauma triggers, the chronic nature of trauma, biological effects and impacts on specific communities: African American, American Indian and Refugee.

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The Therapeutic Role of  CHWs and Community in Healing Trauma


  • Dr. Jami Bartgis, One Fire Associates
  • Dr. Patricia Shannon, University of MN School of Social Work
  • LaTanya Black, CHW Connect
  • Vonyee Howard, Lutheran Social Services

CHWs can play a big role in addressing trauma in their clients and communities. This webinar covers trauma responses, strategies and best practices for CHWs and resources to educate others about trauma. Strategies for building individual capacity for healing and self-care for CHWs working with trauma will also be covered. Healing strategies for specific communities will be covered: African American, American Indian and Refugee.

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CHW local, state and national news, contacts, and resources

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The following prominent health journals have published informative CHW-themed issues over the past several years:

  •  American Journal of Public Health, December 2011
  •  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, July-Sept 2011
  •  Journal of Family and Community Health, April-June 2011

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