MDH Asthma Program Offers Scholarships

Please see the attached flyer with details and registration link ( communicating the 20 scholarships the Minnesota Department of Health’s Asthma Program is offering CHWs for Asthma Education from the Association of Asthma Educators.

The link leads to expanded details about the course with session dates and registration link.

If anyone is interested in working with their community, this is the time and opportunity to learn and become a Community Health Worker (CHW) as these course would be paid for by the Asthma Program with MDH. Please invite family and friends to check out this flyer and if there are any questions, please call the number on the flyer for more information.

Thank you!

One thought on “MDH Asthma Program Offers Scholarships

  1. I am interested in this course. I earned a CHW certificate in 2019 and am employed as a care coordinator at Entira Family Clinics. Am I eligible to take this course, could I get a scholarship or pay for it out of pocket?

    1. Hello,
      I can forward your question to the ones leading this session and see what they say by attaching your email as well. Thanks for your patience.


    2. Hello Mary,

      This is what I got as a response to your question.

      “”Yes – she is absolutely eligible! Please encourage her to register (which will be free of cost).”

      I hope this helps answer your question.


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