Executive Transition Announcement

A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I share my decision to step away from serving as the Executive Director for the MN Community Health Worker Alliance.  The decision in no way reflects my commitment to the organization or my intention to stay involved in a meaningful way.  Unfortunately, I have experienced continued health challenges related to a serious fall I took last fall. The challenges have been such that I do not feel I am able to give my complete focus and attention to the Executive Director role. 

While I won’t be serving as the Executive Director, I will continue to serve as a project manager and will represent the Alliance as a community representative and subject matter expert.

I am confident the work of the Alliance will continue without interruption as we stay engaged with partners that are helping fulfill the organization’s contractual obligations and mission.  Anne Ganey, MPH, continues her work with the Alliance leading projects and serving in the education and training role.  Our collaboration with Stratis Health remains strong as they provide our “back office” administrative support and co-location, this relationship has strengthened the Alliance’s internal capacity.   

During the period of transition, the Alliance’s Board of Directors has delegated the day-to-day operational responsibilities to the board’s executive committee.  Cathy Weik, Sr. VP Administration for Stratis Health serves as the Alliance’s Board Chair and she will serve as the main point of contact. The Alliance’s Executive Committee, along with the other board members, will ensure the Alliance successfully executes on its work and remains a viable and active community collaborator and partner in achieving the vision of equitable and optimal health outcomes for all communities.

I want to thank the Alliance for the fantastic opportunity and for appointing me as the first Community Health Worker to serve as the organization’s Executive Director. I have accomplished great things in my work with the Alliance and have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to grow professionally and personally.  I look forward to my continued work with the Alliance and know I am not saying goodbye, but rather, just changing the role from which I interact with each of you.

Until further notice, please direct your questions to Cathy Weik at cathy.weik@mnchwalliance.org.  

As always, the Alliance’s website is a wonderful source for answers to many of your questions. Please check this space for upcoming events and resources.

Best regards,


One thought on “Executive Transition Announcement

  1. LaTanya,
    I am sorry to hear this! Thank you for your time and talent in this important role and organization. I am hopeful you will still be a part of this organization as you feel you can. Prayers for better health!

  2. LaTanya,
    I am have been inspired by your work with the CHW Alliance in your role as the Executive Director. I wish you well and a recovery that is satisfactory. Taking time away from work for self-care is very noble of you and I commend you for doing so.
    I look forward to still working with you as a fellow CHW.

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