Endorsements and Resources

Endorsements from National Organizations

CHW strategies are endorsed as a best practice for addressing health disparities by many leading health authorities:

For more information about how CHWs are distributed across the United States as well as Employment and Wage Statistics visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Click here for more information.

Minnesota Health Equity Work Groups and Resources

University of Minnesota Health Equity Work Group: The School of Public Health’s Health Equity Work Group (HEWG) was first founded in spring 2005 with the goals of conducting, promoting, and providing greater visibility to health equity research; strengthening collaborative efforts; creating lasting partnerships with community-based organizations; and ensuring SPH students and faculty work effectively in a diverse society. 

Health Equity Advisory and Leadership (HEAL) Council: The Health Equity Advisory and Leadership (HEAL) Council was created as part of a broader effort by the Minnesota Department of Health to address Minnesota’s disparities in health status – particularly those persistent disparities across various ethnic, racial and regional groups. The HEAL Council represents the voices of many communities most severely impacted by health inequities across the state, including racial and ethnic minority groups, rural Minnesotans, Minnesotans with disabilities, American Indians, LGBTQ community members, refugees and immigrants.

Minnesota Public Health Association Health Equity Committee: Click the link to see meeting times and RSVP to attend their monthly meeting. 

HealthEquityGuide.org Review of Minnesota: The Minnesota Department of Health is changing the narrative around health to focus on opportunities and what is needed to be healthy. Through extensive community engagement and partnerships, various publications, and the creation of the Center for Health Equity, the Department explicitly addresses the social determinants of health, acknowledges structural racism, and advances health equity across all sectors and policies. Click the link to see more details and the review. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Health Equity Resources and Plans

Minnesota Department of Health Health Equity Page

Minnesota Department of Health Newsletter Signup and Archive: Sign-ups for various Minnesota Health Equity-based Newsletters can be found on the right side of the page.