successwithchws_mentalMental Health Service Providers

Mental health service providers are enjoying a boost to their Triple AIM by employing and collaborating with Community Health Workers (CHWs).

To overcome barriers and build on a track record of successful CHW integration strategies, the Alliance has created an online toolkit to help inform providers like you on the ways that CHWs can help you. The Success with CHWs: Mental Health service website includes:

  • Webinars and live learning sessions for providers
  • Video interviews with providers on CHWs
  • Online tools
  • Next-steps to get you started

Visit the Success with CHWs: Mental Health Service website now to explore how CHWs can help you.

This Success with CHWs website is a part of a broader a multi-faceted educational initiative of the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance. Its purpose is advance health equity and the Triple Aim by providing practical tools and helpful resources that increase awareness and adoption of team-based CHW strategies, with an initial focus on Twin Cities asthma care and mental health providers.

Funding for Success with CHWs was provided by The Saint Paul Foundation and MN Community Measurement.