Volunteer Opportunity | Registry/Communications Committee

The Minnesota CHW Alliance is looking for CHWs who want to become more involved with the Alliance via the Communication/Registry Committee.

Those looking to join should have an interest in growing the Alliance’s CHW Registry and assisting with outreach about Alliance operations.
Committee member duties and expectations include:

  • Attending Regular committee meetings on a weekly to monthly basis. 
  • Assisting with external marketing and outreach to community members and stakeholders.
  • Collaboration with CHWs, allies, and Alliance staff to boost awareness of The Minnesota CHW Alliance and Registry.
  • The time commitment for this opportunity is approximately 1-2 hours per week!

Interested? Please email registry@mnchwalliance.org for more information or with any questions

Discussion boards

CHW Registry Walkthrough | Discussion Boards

This week’s walkthrough is on the Registry Discussion Boards! 

Please use these boards as a way to connect with other members of the Registry community by starting your own post threads, commenting on others, and encouraging the use of this resource. ALL members are allowed to post in the boards they are a member of as long as the guidelines of the board are followed. 

If you are a registry member and the Discussion Boards are not present when navigating to the Discussion Board page please reach out to registry@mnchwalliance.org.

Click here to register as a CHW.

Click here to register as a Stakeholder/Community Partner. 


CHW Registry Walkthrough | Completing Registration

We are excited to continue to grow our CHW Registry membership as we create an online place for resources, capacity building, and connection. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing helpful videos on how to access and use the Registry platform. 


Our first video is on how to complete and pay for your membership:

Click here to complete the first step of registering for the Registry as a CHW. 

Click here to complete the first step of registering for the Registry as a Stakeholder/Community Partner.

If finances are a barrier for you please reach out to registry@mnchwalliance.org for assistance.

If your need an invoice sent to your employer for your membership or would like to be invoiced as an organization for multiple CHW or Stakeholder memberships please reach out to registry@mnchwalliance.org.

September CHW Circle

September CHW Circle Meeting

CHW Training on Building an Alliance: The Basics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Click here to register. 

The Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance monthly CHW Learning Circle Meeting in September will host the PROOF Alliance to share information on prevention, myth-busting about alcohol during pregnancy and encouraging proper screening.

Research shows one in nine people drink alcohol during pregnancy. This can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), which encompasses a range of potential permanent birth defects including physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments. The CDC estimates that as many as 1 in 20 children in the US has an FASD. Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) is often overlooked and underestimated due to misinformation, unplanned pregnancy, alcohol use disorder, and more This presentation will explore the risks and myths surrounding alcohol use and pregnancy in a non-blaming manner, discuss common symptoms of FASD and describe practical, effective strategies to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies and support those impacted.