Welcome Angela Fields as the new Associate Executive Director

Angela R. Fields, CHW and Associate Executive Director

My CHW journey to becoming the Associate Executive Director (AED) at the Minnesota CHW Alliance.
Angela R. Fields is a Community Health Worker. Angela is a dedicated and experienced service provider, entrepreneur, mother, and grandmother. Angela credits her family for inspiring her zest for life, her drive and ambition, and passion for being a helping professional.
Ms. Fields has over thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry. Angela received her Associates Degree in Human Services and her Community Health Worker Certification from Minneapolis Technical College. For over three decades Ms. Fields has worked as an allied health worker in the areas of Phlebotomy, Nursing Assistant, Electrocardiography, Medication Management and as a Mental Health Practitioner. Angela also has an extensive history in clinical laboratory work and in-home health care.
Angela volunteers regularly and is an active and engaged community member for the betterment of those suffering from chronic health issues including mental health diagnosis and substance use disorders and those experiencing economic disparities.
Angela is accustomed to working with multidisciplinary care teams across health and social systems providing customized education, information, and applicable resources in a person-lead approach.
Angela facilitates the monthly CHW Learning Circle for the Minnesota CHW Alliance (MNCHWA). The MNCHWA Learning Circle is brought to you by the Minnesota CHW Alliance which lays out a platform designed of clear organizational goals and objectives for the advancement of all those in the CHW profession.
Angela Fields understands the importance of CHW leadership, workforce development, job readiness and job sustainability for those in her profession. Angela is the newly appointed Associate’s Executive Director at the Minnesota CHW Alliance. Angela brings her strategic thinking, good judgment, vision, and leadership skills to her role as Associate Executive Director.
On a lighter note, in her free time Angela enjoys the simple things in life such as gardening, cooking, and avidly reading books. She loves spending time with friends and family especially her beloved grandchildren that affectionately refer to her as “Nana.”

Welcome to your new role as the Associate Executive Director Angela. We are so glad you are a part of our growing team!

Blueprint For Lifelong Wellbeing Virtual Webinar

Please join us for a virtual fundraising event, featuring Clinical Psychologist and President of Vanguard Mental Health & Wellness Clinic, Dr. Vang. As an advocate and speaker on Hmong mental health, Dr. Vang will share her expertise in culturally-competent, trauma focused care for optimal early childhood development.  

Early childhood development sets the blueprint for lifelong social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our community health workers meet families where they are at to deliver compassionate and culturally sensitive support during this formative time.

Early intervention can improve outcomes for children, families and communities. We are proud to share our work with you on October 11, 8:30-9am! Register through Eventbrite or email jleisz@wellshareinternational.org

Supervisor RT Date Updates

The Supervisor RT dates for the rest of 2022 are Tuesday, October 18 and Tuesday, December 14. We’re working on a CHW supervisor facilitator for the year and topics for these meetings planned with that facilitator.

Meeting the Challenges of Diabetes: Transforming Food Shelves to Meet Client Needs with SuperShelf

Topic: Minnesota’s SuperShelf partnership is helping to increase access to healthy, appealing, and culturally-connected foods across the state. Learn how food shelves are transforming to meet the food needs and improve the experience of people who are food insecure in Minnesota. This presentation will include an overview of the results of the SuperShelf Evaluation Study (NIH) including the Statewide Food Shelf survey, a unique data set with direct insight from people served by food shelves throughout the state.

Who should attend?
Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, diabetic educators, care coordinators, dietitians, nurses, public health workers, health educators, social workers, therapists, community health workers, those serving people with chronic conditions, and others interested in this topic.
• Discuss how food shelves, pantries and other hunger relief
resources are an important resource for supporting healthy
eating for food insecure people who live with diabetes and
other chronic conditions.
• Increase awareness of Minnesota’s SuperShelf partnership and
methods, and how this approach it is helping to increase access
to healthy, appealing and culturally relevant foods across the state.
• Deepen understanding of the food needs, preferences and health concerns of people who are food insecure
in Minnesota, through the results of the Statewide Food Shelf client survey, a unique data set of perspectives
from food shelf clients.

This webinar is free, but space is limited. Click here to register: https://supershelfwebinar.eventbrite.com

Many Faces of Community Health 17th Annual Conference

The Many Faces of Community Health 17th Annual Conference is now open. Please join us as we go forward with the conference on August 18-19, 2022.

Registration is now open. Please click here to register.

Check out the session descriptions and speakers. Here.

More information about the awards: Here.

Hoping to see everyone at the conference. Thanks for all that you do as CHWs for the communities we serve!