Health Care Home Issue Brief

In a first-ever study of HCH team composition, the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance and University of Minnesota joined in a community-university research partnership to identify barriers and facilitators to CHW integration. This research fills a gap in understanding drivers of HCH team structure and composition. In view of Minnesota’s head-start in primary care transformation based on 2008 health reform legislation, lessons learned from this state’s experience can help inform implementation of team-based models elsewhere in the U.S. Building on study findings and other key factors, recommended action steps offer pathways to bring the benefits of CHW integration to more HCH patients and teams.

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Oral Health Road Map

According to the Minnesota Oral Health Plan and the American Dental Association, the state faces major oral health disparities. Impoverished children and adults, people of color, immigrants and refugees, and many elders lack access to high-quality, affordable and culturally-competent oral care and suffer frequent, serious dental problems.

Part of the solution to addressing these challenges and advancing health equity in Minnesota is integration of Community Health Workers (CHWs) into the oral health care system.

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Get Program, PowerPoints from Our Conference

Couldn’t make it to our June 2014 conference but want to get a taste of the presentations? Want to review information that you heard when you attended? Check out the conference program, plus this menu of PowerPoint presentations delivered during the conference. Just click to download.

Conference Program

Understanding ACOs in Minnesota, Marie Zimmerman, Minnesota Department of Health

CHW Field Basics 1: CHW Scope of Practice and Statewide Curriculum

Health Care Home Spotlight: Early Lessons and Resuts for CHW Integration Promoting Patient Centered Care and Community Health, Tara Nelson, Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association, Jean Gunderson, Mayo Clinic Employee Community Health

Looking Ahead: Plans and Priorities for MNsure Outreach and Enrollments, Jackie Edison and Chrstina Wessel, MNsure

Policy Road Map for Health Equity: Outlook and Opportunities, Michael Scandrett and Emily Zylla, Halleland Habicht Consulting

Health Commons Model, Sahra Noor and Fartun Dirive, Health Commons

Helping Consumers Understand How to Use Their Healthcare Coverage, Leigh Grauman, Portico Healthnet

Peer Counseling: Making a Difference for WIC Families

Working Up Stream: Social Determinants of Health, Alexa Horwart, ISAIAH

The Minnesota Accountable Health Model (SIM Minnesota), Minnesota Department of Human Services

Accessing Primary Care — A Partnership Success Story, Wellshare International

Addressing Healthy Housing Disparities, Rachelle Menanteau Peleska, MPH, National Center for Healthy Housing

Closing the Coverage Gap

Across the US, health insurance exchanges are under development. Authorized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, they will connect people to affordable coverage options. Here in Minnesota, our exchange, known as MNsure, is designed to be a convenient health insurance marketplace to find and compare health plans beginning Oct 2013, MNsure will include an online tool for enrollment along with a statewide network for outreach and one-to-one assistance. That’s where CHWs come in. As trusted and knowledgeable members of the communities they serve, CHWs will be an important resource to many uninsured and underinsured individuals and families.

To join this network, CHW employers will need to apply to become MNsure consumer assistance entities. To qualify as MNsure navigators and in-person assisters, CHWs will need to be trained and certified by MNsure. Funding to support outreach and in-person assister infrastructure will be available through several different MNsure grant programs. For the timeline and other important information, visit: